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Potential a Reality

by engaging and empowering families and
communities to advocate for all children.

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Oregon PTA is making our President's Day count and planning to show up for Oregon's students. Join us to march for education funding on February 18, 2019 in Salem. 

For too long, Oregon has failed to give our students the support they need to succeed. Students deserve better than huge class sizes, cut programs and reduced staff, unacceptable graduation rates, and one of the shortest school years in the country. They deserve better than year after year of cuts to higher education budgets and constant tuition increases. March to tell Legislators that enough is enough and our students can't wait.  

This year, Oregon lawmakers must ensure that every student has the opportunity they deserve. Lawmakers must invest in reasonable class sizes, restore programs and course offerings, and give our schools enough educators, specialists, and education support professionals to thrive, not just survive. They must open the doors of equity and opportunity by funding Oregon’s education system from cradle to career, and make quality higher education accessible to all students.  

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