Executive Committee

Oregon PTA’s Executive Committee meets monthly to carry out the business of the association. Executive Committee members also represent Oregon PTA at state and national organizations and events.

The members of the 2017-2018 Executive Committee are:

President:  Scott Overton
president@oregonpta.org, 503-853-6731

President-elect:  Kristi Dille
president-elect@oregonpta.org, 503-953-5116

Vice President for Leadership:  Vacant

Vice President for Legislation:  Kevin McHargue   
legislation@oregonpta.org, 503-489-7747

Vice President for Membership:  Sharon Meigh-Chang
membership@oregonpta.org, 503-293-0783

Vice President for Programs:  Yvette Davis

Secretary:  Jaime Cale

Treasurer:  Amanda Shwetzer
treasurer@oregonpta.org, 503-780-8537

All positions on the Executive Committee are two-year terms. The President-elect, VP for Programs, and the Secretary are elected in odd-numbered years. The VP for Leadership, VP for Membership, VP for Legislation and the Treasurer are elected in even-numbered years. Elections occur at our annual conference each year in April.