Clackamas Training - Oak Grove Elementary

  • Saturday
  • October
  • 5th
  • 2019
  • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Oak Grove Elementary
2150 SE Torbank Rd
Portland, OR 97222

Please join us for a full day of training for all PTA Leaders!

Morning Workshops:

New Presidents and Vice-Presidents: Designed for first year Presidents and Vice-Presidents, this workshop will help you set the stage for an amazing year leading your PTA.

Returning Presidents and Vice-Presidents: This workshop is geared for Presidents and Vice-Presidents who are returning to their roles and want to enhance their leadership skills. 

Treasurer 101: The role of Treasurer is critical to your PTA. Learn the ins and outs of being a PTA Treasurer.

Membership: This workshop will focus on giving PTA Leaders an array of tools to organize a comprehensive membership campaign, while learning the basics of PTA membership and how it is essential to your PTA.  Attendees will learn to set goals, how to boost membership, how to include business sponsors, the nuts and bolts of Oregon PTA online membership reporting and more. 

Secretary: Minutes, records and communication...just a few of the secretary duties that will be discussed. After this workshop you’ll be prepared as an efficient recorder, collaborative board member and have a basic understanding of parliamentary procedure.


Afternoon Workshops:

Constructive Conflict Management for PTA Leaders: Even high functioning groups experience some conflict. Conflict is inevitable when people of diverse backgrounds and temperaments work together but it doesn't mean disputes can't be dealt with constructively. This workshop will help attendees in developing a collaborative approach to conflict and strategies that will lead to better outcomes. 

Transforming Family Engagement: Families are critical to a student’s success. This workshop will focus on strategies that PTA leaders can use to transform the way their communities view engagement and how they can work with their partners to enhance what is happening in their schools.

Health & Wellness for Students & Families: Attendees will hear about health and wellness opportunities for students and families. There will be an emphasis on how PTA leaders are able to help establish policies and programs that benefit the entire community. 

Dollars and Cents- Treasurer Q&A: This session gives attendees the opportunity to have their specific questions answered. 

Parenting in a Digital Age: How do we help our children and teens enjoy the online world that they live in, in a responsible manner? What is digital citizenship and how do we model that for our families? Attendees will leave this workshop being able have conversations with their children about digital safety, appropriate use of various applications and how to use their devices responsibly.