Oregon PTA Awards

Oregon PTA takes great pride in recognizing units and individuals for their work and dedication to further PTA’s Mission and Values. Recognizing units and individuals for their efforts and accomplishments inspires others to take action, builds excitement and creates positive press for the PTA. You will find more information and applications for nomination in Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 of the Leader’s Guide

Oregon PTA Service Awards

  • Local Unit Volunteer Award (LUV)
  • Student Service Awards: Primary (K-5), Intermediate (6-8), High School (9-12)
  • Unit of Excellence Award
  • Program of the Year Award
  • Communication Award
  • Oregon PTA Teacher of the Year Award
  • Oregon PTA Classified Staff Hero of the Year Award
  • Honorary Lifetime Achievement Awards
  • Oregon PTA Advocate for Children Award

Oregon PTA Award Descriptions, Criteria and Applications:

Local units are encouraged to participate in any of the awards below. Once the local unit chooses a recipient for each of their awards they should fill out the application, found below, and send it to the Oregon PTA office. The applications will be considered by the Oregon PTA Board of Directors Awards Committee for State recognition at the Annual Leadership Conference Awards Dinner in April.

Local Unit Volunteer Award (LUV)Local Units/Councils may choose one volunteer as the Local Unit Volunteer of the Year, due to their dedication and outstanding contribution to their local school success.

Student Service Awards: Local Units/Councils may submit one nominee from each of the following grade level categories. This is awarded to K- 12 grade students or student groups that make an important contribution to their community; including community projects, charity work and advocacy.

Unit of Excellence Award: This award is presented to the PTA unit that exemplifies the Oregon PTA’s mission to improve the lives of Oregon’s children. This unit will have creative programs, increased membership, family involvement projects, community service, multiple successful service programs, exceptional communication, and use of social media. Must be a unit in good standing. Nominations come from Council Presidents or Region Directors.

Program of the Year Award: Local Units/Councils may submit one project/program for consideration. This award will be presented to the local unit that submits an outstanding program or project that focuses on one or more of the following areas: parent involvement, education, health and safety, cultural or performing arts or community service. Must be a unit in good standing.

Communication AwardLocal Units/Councils may submit for consideration recognition for excellence in publicizing PTA involvement via their newsletter, social media, and/or website.

Oregon PTA Teacher of the Year: Local Units may nominate a Teacher that does an exceptional job of supporting their local PTA. Each unit may submit one nominee. Nomination requires PTA leader, Principal, student and fellow staff member recommendations.

Oregon PTA Classified Staff Hero of the Year: Local Units may nominate any Classified Staff Member that exhibits that goes above and beyond their job description to help students and families at our schools. Classified staff includes: secretaries, nurses, custodial personnel, cafeteria staff, bus drivers, playground aides and teaching assistants.

Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award: This award is available to Local Units and Councils. An Honorary Life Achievement Award is one of the highest honors PTA can bestow upon an individual. The honored person is usually someone who has served as an advocate for children in such areas as education, health, safety, or legislation. The honoree need not be a member of a local unit, nor be well known beyond their own area of service. Life Achievement Award applications are available by contacting the Oregon PTA Office. The $25 application fee is placed in Oregon PTA’s Teacher Education Scholarship (TES) fund.

Oregon PTA Advocate for Children Award: Local Units/Councils may submit one nominee for this award. This award is given to a public figure or servant that exemplifies the values and goals of the Oregon PTA by making significant impact on the city, county and state issues involving education, child health/welfare and/or family issues. Please see the nomination form for additional information.


National PTA Awards:

Phoebe Apperson Award: The Phoebe Apperson Hearst Award for innovation in family engagement, named after National PTA co-founder Phoebe Apperson Hearst, recognizes and celebrates achievement in building effective family-school partnerships. The awards are presented to PTAs that have earned the National PTA School of Excellence designation and demonstrated outstanding success engaging families in student success and school improvements. This award is the highest honor National PTA presents for effective family engagement.

Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award: The purpose of the Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award is to recognize PTAs that are dedicated to the needs of all families represented in their schools. The award acknowledges PTAs for developing practices which are inclusive and equal for all families and result in positive change.

National PTA School of Excellence Certification: This program provides schools with tools to assess and enhance their commitment to parent involvement based on PTA's National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs. After completing the assessment process and submitting an application, a school which meets the parent involvement standards and provides supporting documentation becomes certified as a Parent Involvement School of Excellence. Other schools can use the assessment process to develop a blueprint for improving their parent involvement practices and policies.

More information may be found on National PTA awards and programs at www.pta.org.