Oregon PTA Award Winners 2019-2020

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 award winners!

Oregon PTA takes great pride in recognizing units and individuals for their work and dedication to further PTA’s Mission and Values. We value the work you are doing in your communities and the impact you have on those around you. Our sincerest thanks! We love to show appreciation for what you all do everyday. We hope you plan to apply for our 2020-2021 awards to recognize your best and brightest.

Oregon PTA Teacher of the Year Award:

Amanda Sarles, Music Teacher,Siuslaw Elementary School

We have found that we can count on Amanda to always provide a smile, a contagious
energy, and a good sense of humor in all aspects of her position. She brings a fresh and
positive approach to her classes as well as to her other team commitments. She is well liked
and respected by her colleagues and students alike.
She is a member of the Positive Behavior Support Team and has been a teacher-leader from day one. She plans and executes school assemblies. She leads the charge in our Character Education program. Her irrepressible energy and love for kids have become contagious in our school. Her colleagues have been inspired to give more of themselves and to expect more from their students. Our kids have been inspired to rise to any challenge knowing they will be supported.
Amanda coordinates our PTA "Brave Kids Talent Show". She dedicates the time needed to
audition, plan, and direct this annual event which has grown each year under her watch. The
show has not only grown in the number of participants but also in the level of talent. The talent
grows because kids have a new-found enjoyment AND capacity for music and performance.

Student Service Award: The Student Service Award is given to a student or student groups who make important contributions to their community; including community projects, charity work, and advocacy.

This year the Student Service Award is proudly given to Claire McNeill, a 4th grader at Siuslaw Elementary. Claire is a member of Siuslaw Elementary Kindness Club, which welcomes new students and their families on their first day at school, giving a tour of the school, providing a welcome bag with various local information and Claire’s favorite things to do around town. She helps introduce the new students to staff and classmates. A student said “Moving to a new school can be scary, but Claire made them feel welcome…Claire is a great role model for all students.” Congratulations Claire, and thank you for being a difference in your community!

Local Leader of the Year: The Local Leader of the Year is awarded to an outstanding member who shows exceptional leadership skills and integrity in contributing to their unit’s success.

This year, the award goes to Mary Emerick, from Trillium Creek Primary School PTA.

Mary has held roles as Treasurer, Board VP, Board liaison for school events, and overseeing TCPS PTA’s social media, online giving, and website. She is an incredible volunteer and PTA leader, providing guidance, support and direction to hep execute her PTA’s vision. She is admired and respected by her fellow PTA Board members, volunteers and school administration. Congratulations Mary, you deserve to be recognized for all the work and heart you put in to your community!

Classified Staff Hero of the Year: The Classified Staff Hero of the Year is given a staff member who goes above and beyond their job in order to promote the mission and values of PTA and makes a true difference at their school.

The Classified Staff Hero of the Year is proudly given to Dan Alexander, the Head Custodian at Richmond Elementary. When a group of 4th graders reported to the quarterly newsletter, they interviewed students from Kinder to 5th grade, “What’s your favorite thing about our amazing custodian Dan?”

Here are some of the answers:

  • He has a great sense of humor and always has a smile on his face.
  • He is nice to all the kids.
  • He cares for everything but we should do everything that we can to help out.
  • He helps kids.
  • He likes cookies.
  • He cleans everything even if it is not his.
  • He picks the balls up from the playground.
  • He works hard, he cleans up like basically every single thing in this school.
  • He’s really fun.
  • He is very nice and he helps us in our community.
  • He’s kind of like me cuz I really like candy and so does he.
  • He is willing to clean up our messes when we eat and when we play and he fixes everything when teachers or students accidentally break something.

That sounds pretty amazing to us Dan! Thank you for the impact you make in our student's lives everyday!

Program of the Year: The Program of the Year Award is presented to a local unit who submits an outstanding program or project that focuses on Parent Involvement, Education, Health and Safety, Cultural or Performing Arts, or Community Service.

This year a local unit has shown its commitment to making their community as inclusive and equitable as possible. They are committed to making all communities at the school feel engaged and committed to the work of their PTA. All communication from their PTA is in Spanish and English. All school and PTA websites, each email and flyer going home in backpacks is sent in both languages. The PTA community Facebook group is encouraged to post in Spanish and English when possible. Each PTA presentation in is done in both languages, hiring quality translation at every meeting, and holding 2 to 3 meetings per calendar year in Spanish. This PTA has shown a commitment to Parent Involvement through quality communication to all of their community. We are pleased to present the Program of the Year Award to Scott School PTA! Way to go!

Again, congratulations to all our winners and thank you for your continued work!